Structure Science

The Science of Structure comes next to gauge, how good are the premises in terms of positivity and sanctity of the environment. Through this science we come about the level of harmony and symmetry in the structure of your home. The home structure should not breach the boundaries of the house premises, while there should not be any breaks in the structural outline of the house. It should be uniformly rectangular or square without any cuts or breaks and should also not be circular or elliptical. Moreover, the centre of the house and the sectors of the home that represent health and wealth should not have negative elements like toilets, utility rooms or beams that could weigh negatively on the positivity of the house. So, Structure Science is all about ensuring the structure and the layout plan that supports the flow and enhancement of positive energy and vibrations in the house.

For instance, if negative elements like toilet or utility room fall in the sectors that represent health or wealth then our experts may advise minor structural changes in the layout plan to unblock these auspicious sectors of the property.

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