Energy Science

The Science of Energy looks into the factors that lead to the flow of both positive and negative energies in the house. If your home overlooks a flyover, electric pole or a garden or any other public place it could become a cause of negative energy flow in the house. Negative energy flow can be avoided further by not having the main door facing a staircase or elevators. If good directions are not followed in the house, the positive energy in the house will be enhanced attracting good luck and fortune. Positive energies get us into a resourceful state identified by motivation, confidence, enthusiasm etc. On the other hand, negative energies get us into a non-resourceful state identified by melancholy, demotivation, lack of confidence etc. Energy is the physical, emotional, and mental strength that keeps us active. It is very important to feel the power of positive energy of our home or workplace if we want to remain happy and successful. Energy Science focuses on enhancing the positive energies in the environment around you and cleansing the negative energies to help you connect with the cosmic energy and get you into your most resourceful state.

For instance, if there is clutter or negative or pessimistic images or art work in the property premises, our experts would advise to clean up the clutter and replace the images with those having positive depiction.

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